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  • If your student needs a food substitution while at school, please have your doctor complete this form: Food Allergies and Intolerances 
  • If your student requires an Epi-Pen or Benadryl for allergies, go to the forms page and submit the appropriate medications and forms to the clinic.
  • NO HOMEMADE food items are permitted on campus to share. The risk for cross contamination is too high. Parents are allowed to bring store bought, individually wrapped, labeled items ( fruit snacks, crackers, cookies) to share. All snacks will be screened by teachers and clinic staff for allergens. 
  • If your student has a classmate with life threatening allergies, information will be sent home to you regarding food safety and hygiene
  • Please do your part to educate yourself and your children to protect thier friends with life threatening allergies. 
  • Additional information can be found here: