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Information & FAQ

  • Attendance & Tardies: Attendance is extremely important for students to be successful at our school. It is also important that students arrive at school on time, and ready to learn! Parents are encouraged to utilize school bus transportation. Daily drop off begins at 8:00am. If your child arrives after 8:25am, you will need to come inside the school to sign them in.
  • Absences from School: If your child is absent from school, a parent/guardian must turn in a written signed note or a doctor’s note within 48 hours for the absence to be considered excused, upon the students return to school. Emails and phone calls will not be accepted. Conduct.
  • Early Dismissal & Dismissal Changes:

➢For the safety of all students, children may not be checked out of school after 2:15pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday and 1:15pm on Wednesday.

➢If you need to change the way your child goes home in the afternoon or for an early dismissal, please complete our Dismissal Change Request Form via Otis Mason Website.

➢Please Note: Early Dismissals – We do not send children to the front office until you have arrived and shown your photo ID to the front office staff. Dismissal Changes – Can only be accepted before 2:10pm (1:10pm on Wednesdays).

➢We cannot accept phone calls for those changes. Changes in afternoon transportation should only be for emergency situations.

  • Special Celebrations: We love to celebrate when there is a special occasion! However, we ask that you please follow these guidelines if your child is celebrating while at school.

➢ Treats may only be shared with your child’s classmates and teacher.

➢ If needed, napkins, plates and/or utensils should be provided to the teacher.

➢ Communicate with your child’s teacher about when you would like to bring something in, what you will be bringing and check if there are any allergies in the class. You will need to work with the teacher to determine the best time to have the treat (lunch or recess).

➢ No balloons or banners are permitted. Special shirts or buttons are allowed.

➢ Birthday invitations must include everyone in the class if they are being handed out at school.

  • Having Lunch with Your Student: Due to the current building access restrictions there will be no visitors allowed during lunch. Thank you for your understanding while we put our student’s health first.
  • Dress Code Reminders:

➢Hats, sunglasses, etc. must be taken off and put away upon arrival (except in case of medical necessity or special events authorized by administration). These items may only be worn outside.

➢Shoes must be safe and appropriate. They must have a back – no flip-flops, heels, etc.

➢No tank tops, spaghetti straps, or shirts/dresses that are cut out at midriff.

➢Clothing must be free of logos or sayings with profanity, violence, drugs, alcohol, or tobacco or anything that would be disruptive to the learning environment.

➢Skirts and shorts must be no shorter than 4 inches above the knee. Leggings are permitted to be worn under a skirt or long sweater/skirt. No yoga pants.

➢Hair should be a natural color and styled in a way that is not distracting.

➢No excessive make-up.

For more information, please visit: to access the St. Johns County School District Student Code of Conduct.