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Meet the Staff

M. Keaton
J. Hillier
Assistant Principal
K. Bunnell
Administrative Phone- 904-547-8440
Administrative Team
Mr. DavisFacilities Manager, Maintenance Coordinator 
Ms. HamillGuidance Counselor 
Mrs. Baxa
Mrs. Turner
Instructional Literacy Coach 
Mrs. ThurstonComputer Operator 
Mrs. RaynorMath Coach, InterventionistWebsite
Mrs. Miller
Behavioral Specialist 
Mr. OakesTechnical Support Specialist
Mrs. GatchellCafeteria ManagerEmail
Extended Day/Voluntary Pre-K (VPK) Team
Mrs. Stevens
Extended Day CoordinatorEmailWebsite
Mrs. TurnerVPK Lead  
Ms. BrookerVPK Lead  
Mrs. MankeExtended Day Aide  
Mrs. LebonVPK Aide  
Ms. MahaffeyExtended Day Aide  
Ms. HaleExtended Day Aide  
Ms. GatchellExtended Day Aide  
Ms. NelsonVPK Aide  

For security reasons, obtain teacher emails from HAC or their classroom
newsletter. Teacher emails are not available here.

Kindergarten Team
Mrs. Morrison
Mrs. Hanson
Mrs. Lepera
Mrs. Strauss
Mrs. Pate
Mrs. Wanamaker
Mrs. Campbell
First Grade Team
Mrs. Austin
Mrs. Bryant
Mrs. DiGregorio
Mrs. Nichols
Ms. Connelly
Ms. Villarreal, Associate Teacher
Ms. Tanner
Second Grade Team
Mrs. Gates
Ms. Brown, Associate Teacher
Ms. Lowrie, Associate Teacher
Mrs. Crupi
Mrs. English
Ms. Ford, Teacher Website
Ms. Jones
Mrs. Ziegenfuss
Third Grade Team
Mrs. Gay
Mrs. Lawrence
Ms. Philo
Mrs. Stewart
Ms. Fletcher
Mrs. O’Brien, Associate Teacher
Ms. Sawyer, Associate Teacher
Fourth Grade Team
Mrs. Varughese
Mrs. Rusch
Mrs. Siragusa
Mrs. Hughes
Ms. Roberts, Teacher Website
Fifth Grade Team
Ms. Allen
Ms. Cothron
Mr. Gurick
Ms. Hayes
Ms. Sabate
Resource Team
Mr. HollisterPhysical Education
Ms. DugganPhysical Education
Mr. BennettMusic Education
Mrs. Bendt
School Librarian
Mr. VinzantArt Education
Ms. MerrilliReady Lab Instructor
Exceptional Student Education Department
Mr. ThomasESE
Mrs. MarhankaPre-K Teacher
Mrs. Erff Pre-K Teacher
Mrs. ChertaPre-K Teacher
Mrs. Wampler Pre-K Teacher
Ms. HayesESE Teacher
Mrs. TinerESE Teacher
Mrs. ShieldsSpeech Language Pathologist
Mrs. Richey
Speech Language Pathologist
Mrs. ClarkDeaf & Hard of Hearing
Support Team
Ms. ThomasFront Desk Reception
Mrs. PuchGuidance/LEA Clerk
Mrs. GumbleESE Paraprofessional
Ms. ScottESE Paraprofessional
Mr. CarterESE Paraprofessional
Mrs. EllisGrade 3 Paraprofessional
Mrs. KobrynESE & Pre-K Paraprofessional
Mrs. HoltzPre-K Paraprofessional
Mr. PearsonBehavioral Intervention Paraprofessional
Ms. DuckworthMedia Paraprofessional
Mrs. MillerVPK Paraprofessional