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Mrs. Keaton      Principal
Mrs. Hudson     Assistant Principal

Mrs. Antoine      Assistant Principal
Ms. LaBello      Secretary/Bookkeeper

Administrative Team

Nurse Sam and Nurse Tasha         Nurses, Website
Mr. Bowen        Facilities Manager, Maintenance Coordinator 
Mrs. Gatchell   Cafeteria Manager, Food & Nutrition Manager, Website 
Mrs. Rentz        School Counselor, Website
Mrs. Kirsimagi         Behavior Interventionist
Mr. Peterson        Technical Support Specialist
Ms. Ford           Math Coach, Interventionist, Website
Ms.  Hunting       Instructional Literacy Coach
Mrs. Roberts         Computer Operator, Registrar, Website

Support Team

Ms. Santiago         Front Desk Reception
Mrs. Waler       Guidance/LEA Clerk
Mrs. McManus  Paraprofessional
Mrs. Crowe Paraprofessional
Ms. Jones           Paraprofessional
Mrs. Lebon         Paraprofessional
Mrs. Hale            Paraprofessional 
Mrs. Gumble      Paraprofessional
Ms. Donohue    Paraprofessional
Ms. Bailey-Barrow      Paraprofessional

Mrs. Butler          Paraprofessional
Ms. Charles  Paraprofessional

Ms. Baas          Paraprofessional 

Mrs. Leonard      Paraprofessional

         Mr. Sartain     Paraprofessional

         Mrs. Manchester    Paraprofessional

         Ms. Roman-Paraprofessional

Extended Day/Pre-K Team

Mrs. Stevens    Extended Day Coordinator, Website
Mrs. Hutcheson   Extended Day Aide
Ms. Mahaffey    Extended Day Aide
Ms. Gatchell     Extended Day Aide
Ms. E. Roman      Extended Day Aide

For security reasons, obtain teacher emails from HAC or their classroom newsletter. Teacher emails are not available here.

Kindergarten Team

Ms. Babineau
Mrs. Hanson
Mrs. Lepera
Ms. Merwin

          Ms. Nichols

Mrs. Strauss

First Grade Team

Mrs. Austin
Mrs. Miller

Mrs. Sellers
Mrs. Turner
Mrs. Tanner
Mrs. Villarreal

Second Grade Team

Ms. Cunningham

Ms. Jones

Ms. Mercurio

Ms. Mittell

Ms. Nguyen

Ms. Taylor

Ms. Tatman

Ms. Sadler – Associate Teacher

Third Grade Team

          Ms. Barricklow

Ms. Crupi

         Ms. McMichael 

         Ms. Paesch

         Ms. Sykes

         Ms. Veitinger

        Ms. Bunke, Associate Teacher

Fourth Grade Team

Ms. Edwards

Ms. Johnson
Mrs. Ter Louw

          Ms. Wards-Kosofsky

Mrs. Ziegenfuss

Fifth Grade Team

Mrs. Thomas
Ms. Veihdeffer
Ms. Thompson, Teacher Website
Mrs. Byrd

Mrs. Steen

Resource Team

Ms. Allen        Media Specialist, Website
Mr. Cox       Music Education 
Ms. Baez    Physical Education 
Mr. Hollister       Physical Education 
Ms. Grossholtz       Computer Lab

Ms. Wanamaker   Computer Lab 
Ms. Counts-Cacchione         Art Education
Ms. Siragusa        Gifted Itinerant Teacher 

Exceptional Student Education Department 

Mr. Ross     ESE Pre-K

Ms. Burchfield      ESE Pre-K

Ms. Canada     ESE Pre-K

Ms. White     ESE Classroom Instructor

          Ms. Urbanek  ESE Instructors

Ms. Carberry    Deaf & Hard of Hearing
Ms. Hayes            ESE

Mrs. Shields          Speech Language Pathologist
Ms. Varughese         Speech Language Pathologist
Ms. Sikes     ESE

Ms. Swilley     ESE

Mr. Thomas         ESE

          Ms. Fallica     ESE