Many of our 4th and 5th graders are members of a news team here at Mason that produces a morning news show for our school each day. Each student on the crew has applied, gained parent permission, and been chosen as part of the team because they display outstanding leadership among their peers. The WOAM Morning Show goes live each day at 8:30 and includes segments such as WOAM Weather Update, Sports Beat, Technology Today, Wildlife Wednesday, The Booketeers and more! Each show is written and produced by our own Mason students. Tune in each morning for this 15 minute show! Parents are welcome to view the show live on the media TV, if you have filled out the St. Johns County Schools Volunteer Form online and gained approval as a volunteer. This is for the safety of our students. (We also have very limited space in the news room!)

You can also visit this page where we post recordings of our live broadcasts:
WOAM News Shows

News Crew Permission Form