eBooks at Mason

Click the MackinVIA button below to read or checkout our new eBooks at Mason. Mackin VIA

Parents, you will need to contact Mrs. Bendt for the username and password and also create a “backpack” account for your child to checkout and download books to your mobile devices to read offline.

Your student’s username is their 6 digit student ID number and their password is their last name. You can contact Ms. Bendt or your child’s teacher if you do not know their student ID number. You will need to provide an email address when you first register the account. You will also need to download the MackinVia reader app to your devices to open the books offline. Go here to download the app: https://www.mackin.com/ESERVICES/MACKIN-VIA.aspx You can choose the “read now” option to read the books online anytime. When finished reading, be sure to “close the book” or “check in” the book so that others can enjoy it too! photo

A student in Ms. Nichols class reads a graphic novel online.





There are also more eBooks available through our catalog. Choose our school from the link below. You can simply search “ebooks” in the search bar: