Staff Directory

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Nigel Pillay
[email protected]
Phone: 547-8440
Natalie Gitto
Assistant Principal
[email protected]
Phone: 547-8440
Brit McNeely
[email protected]


Administrative Team

Mr. Davis Maintenance Coordinator
Ms. Hamill Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Baxa
Mrs. Turner
Instructional Literacy Coach
Mrs. Bunnell
Computer Operator
Mrs. Rumrell Dropout Prevention Specialist
Mrs. Miller
Behavioral Specialist
Mr. Oakes Technical Support Specialist
Gatchell, Michelle Cafeteria Manager Email

Extended Day/Voluntary Pre-K Team

Stevens, Melinda
Extended Day Coordinator Email Website
Mrs. Turner VPK Instructor
Mrs. Miller VPK Instructor
Mrs. Lebon VPK Aide
Ms. Blocker
VPK Aide
Mrs. Zakrocki
Extended Day Aide
Mrs. Boyd
Extended Day Aide
Mrs. Leathen Extended Day Aide
Mrs. Porter Extended Day Aide
Mrs. Laflam Extended Day Aide


Kindergarten Team

Mrs. Brice
Mrs. Gates
Mrs. Hanson
Mrs. Lepera
Mrs. Strauss
Mrs. Wanamaker

First Grade Team

Mrs. Austin
Ms. Bryant
Mrs. DiGregorio
Mrs. Nichols
Mrs. Zanaglio
Ms. Tanner

Second Grade Team

Mrs. Rittichai
Mrs. Crupi
Mrs. English
Mrs. Horton
Ms. Jones
Mrs. Ziegenfuss

Third Grade Team

Mrs. Gay
Mrs. Kazmierski Website
Ms. Philo
Mrs. Swanson Website
Mrs. Stewart

Fourth Grade Team

Mrs. Varughese
Mrs. Lawrence
Mrs. Munafo Website
Mrs. Siragusa
Mrs. Raynor

Fifth Grade Team

Ms. Allen Website
Mrs. Cothron
Mr. Gurick
Mrs. Sabate

Resource Team

Mr. Hollister Physical Education
Mrs. Kohlmann Music Education Website
Mrs. Bendt
Media Specialist Website
Mr. Vinzant Art Education

ESE Department

Mrs. Clark Deaf/Hard of Hearing
Mr. Thomas ESE/K-5
Mrs. Whalen ESE/K-5
Mrs. Marhanka Pre-K Teacher
Mrs. Erff Pre-K Teacher
Mrs. Bice ESE & K-5
Mrs. Wampler Pre-K Teacher
Mrs. Shields Speech Language Pathologist
Mrs. Weatherhead

Speech Language Pathologist

Support Team

Mrs. Whitty Front Desk Reception
Mrs. Nix Guidance/LEA Clerk
Mrs. Cohen ESE Paraprofessional
Mrs. Gumble ESE Paraprofessional
Mr. Carter Media Paraprofessional
Mrs. Kobryn ESE & Pre-K Paraprofessional
Mrs. Almonte Pre-K Paraprofessional
Mrs. Holtz Pre-K Paraprofessional
Mr. Pearson PE Paraprofessional
Mrs. Stone Gifted Consultative Teacher Website