Policies and Procedures

Student Checkouts

  • Kindergarten readers may check out one book at a time.
  • First and second graders may check out 2 books at a time.
  • Third, fourth, and fifth grade students may check out 3 books at a time.
  • Fifth grade students may arrange to check out selected reference books for research and study at home.

Teacher Checkouts Teachers have unlimited checkout privileges. If teachers are checking out multiple books on a topic, they may be asked to share resources with other teachers who also need them at the same time. Audiovisual materials may be checked out to teachers or played over the iTV system upon request. Teachers may email Mrs. Holtz requests to have materials pulled for them ahead of time and checked out in their name.

Parent Checkout Parents may sign up for a library account and check out books for their child. We have lots of parents taking advantage of this!

Due Dates Student books are due after seven days. Books may be renewed as needed. If books become damaged or lost, the student is responsible to return or pay for the materials before they may check out additional books. Students may visit the media center throughout the day in small groups or as individuals. We have three expectations for visitors in the media center: Be kind (to people and materials). Walk. Use a reasonable voice.